GoBackpack Unifestivals Eng

Dive into the backpacker life! JACK WOLFSKIN encouraged students to explore the world with their backpacks as part of the #GOBACKPACK campaign. The principle was simple: "Pay with your story." Anyone who bought a JACK WOLFSKIN product during this time and sent in a travel video was refunded their money.

Our services

  • Conception
  • Brand Coach System
  • Brand Activation
  • Shopper Insights

Facts and figures

  • 20 assignments in Germany // festivals & campus promotion
  • 20,000 #gobackpack flags
  • 50,000 target group contacts
  • 100 % Brand Experience

Our task

Our challenge was to spread the cashback campaign among the young target group, to make it known and to activate students to share videos and experiences on social networks.

We developed a unique booth concept for selected unifestivals. In this way, we created a vacation feeling on campuses and made "backpacking" at universities a tangible experience. True to the motto #GOBACKPACK, students immersed themselves in the life of a backpacker and could unwind at the beach bar with smoothies, infused water and fresh coconuts. The relaxed atmosphere with chill beats being played offered the perfect environment to exchange ideas with like-minded people and the brand coaches.

Visitors were also able to capture their vacation spirit in photos in front of a green screen to take home. In addition, over 20,000 iconic #gobackpack flags were distributed to students to participate and drive them to their local Jack Wolfskin store

At the festivals, we were able to generate over 58,000 students’ quality contacts with Jack Wolfskin and get them excited about the brand and #gobackpack.

The customer journey always in view - here reduced to a minimum:

  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Interaction
  • Conversion
  • Retailtainment
  • Community building
  • Cashback-Action
  • Recurrent shoppers
  • Loyality Building

We should get to know each other

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